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This contemporary Beni M'Rirt rug has a a more rustic finish with the pile being more twisted and less combed. The ground color pile is a mix a ivory and heathered oatmeal with black diamond lozenges and a black boarder.

Dimensions: 2'9" x 5'4" 

  • Handwoven in Morocco
  • Made of the highest quality virgin wool using traditional methods
  • Deep, soft pile
  • Twisted fringe on one side
  • Perfect size for small space or entryway
  • 100% Wool

Beni M'Rirt rugs are made by women in the Middle Atlas Mountains and are known for their darker colors. These rugs traditionally served as sleeping rugs as their long, soft pile is incredibly warm and luxurious. Each pattern and design is unique and represents the artistry of the woman who made it.  

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