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This contemporary Morrocan pillow is inspired by the style of Handira blankets. The piece is hand woven with the traditional skip weave diamonds completed in a lovely terracotta color. The diamond designs are accented by cotton shag and individually hand applied sequins.

Dimensions: 17" x 18"

  • Handmade in Morocco using traditional methods
  • Cotton and Wool Shell
  • New custom 90/10 feather/down insert included
  • Dry Clean Only

The Berber tribes of Morocco have a long history of handmade decorative textiles including blankets, pillows, cushions and rugs. Many textile designs incorporate geometric forms including diamonds and triangles believed to ward off evil forces. In addition to weaving and embroidery loose strings dyed and natural and even sequins are used adorn the textiles. Each piece is one of a kind and a unique expression of the maker's creativity and reflective of the materials at hand.

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