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This vintage Boujad is exceptional representation of its kind. It features a harmonious combination of purple, pink, light blue and dark turquoise. The mix of neutrals among the the bright colors make a perfect rug to complete any room. 

Dimensions: 6'8" x 10'

  • Handwoven in Morocco
  • Made using traditional methods
  • Medium length, soft pile
  • Braided and twisted fringe on one side
  • Wool
  • The backside is equally as beautiful and could be utilized as flatweave look

Boujad rugs came from the small region in the Middle Atlas Mountains. They typically display strong colors in their design most often pinks, oranges, reds and purples. The patterns are irregular and reflect the whim of the weaver. Often the traditional motifs referring to fertility, marriage, everyday life and spirituality are incorporated. 

Vintage textiles may show signs of age and wear including repaired tears and holes, fraying and fading. These details are part of the unique history of the piece and add to the beauty and character of the item. All vintage items are cleaned prior to shipment to your home.

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